1. Where can I find Country of Origin information?

            A.  Through Parts Catalog / Material tab / Description


2. How can I check the status of my order?

            A. In the Order Inquiry


3. Will images be included in the catalog and will they be part-specific?

            A.  Our goal is the have all images added, but at the time of launch there will only be a handful.


4. What is the fastest method to check availability?

            A.  Through the Parts Catalog


5. Can I search for orders/invoices in the Search box?

            A.   No, this is a Material only.  To search for orders or invoices, please go to the Order/Invoice Inquiry section of the Customer Self Service area.


6. If I Logout or Time-Out what happens to my cart?

            A.  Cart items will be retained on a Time-Out, as the system will automatically “Save Cart and Logout”.  If items are in the Cart and you choose “Clear Cart and Logout”, the next login will show an empty cart.


7. Can I make a change to an Order after I create it?

            A. Yes, as long as a delivery hasn’t been created for any line items on that order.


8. What was this systems Project name?

            A. TealStar